Why Is My A/C Unit Not Blowing Cold Air?

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If your air conditioning unit seems to be working and not blowing out cold air, you likely have an issue with one of the three following components.

#1 Low Freon

If your HVAC is low or leaking freon, it will prohibit the unit from creating cool air to distribute throughout your home. Fritts can check your freon levels and refill to the proper levels if needed.

#2 Dirty Filter

One of the most common causes of A/C blowing warmer than usual air is your filter is clogged or dirty. One inch filters should be changed every one to three months. This depends on the number of people living in the home, animals present, and age of your HVAC unit.

#3 Indoor Motor Malfunction

Your indoor fan motor contains many parts that can die out over time. From fan belts, faulty relay, bad wiring, or a burnt-out fan motor, your indoor blower motor can cause your A/C unit to stop blowing cold air.

Reasons why A/C Unit Not Blowing Out Cold Air

While most a/c repair issues can be easily fixed, persistent issues may be a sign of a much larger problem. If you are having recurring problems with the air conditioner, it may be time to consider a full  system replacement. Our highly trained technicians can provide you with options to help choose a new system that best fits your budget and needs. 

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Regular, scheduled maintenance will increase the energy efficiency and cooling output of your air conditioning unit. A poorly running HVAC system can dramatically increase your electrical bill. Caring for and cleaning your HVAC unit will also decrease the likelihood of costly repairs and replacements. This will allow your air conditioning unit to work at its very best. At Fritts we strive to bring the best air quality and most efficient products to you are your family.

Inspection and maintenance of your HVAC unit and its components should be scheduled twice a year and extra visits may be necessary during the warm seasons when the HVAC unit is working overtime. Keeping this as a part of your regular maintenance routine will ensure maximum performance, fewer repair costs, and longer product life. If all of these maintenance items are long overdue, simply performing these easy tasks can increase your heating and cooling efficiency by up to twenty-five percent.

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