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AC Not Working? Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Watching your thermostat rise as your home swells with uncomfortable air, there is nothing worse than when your AC stops working during the hot, humid months. Living in a house without AC is a nearly impossible task these days and, sleeping in one.. well you can throw that out the window.

So what makes our AC units suddenly quit? What are the reasons your AC is not working? Discover below the reasons why your AC isn’t working.

Here are 5 reasons your AC isn’t working:

#1- Dirty Coils

Dirty Coils | Fritts Heat & Air

HVAC units use coils to collect hot air and push it out of your home. Overtime, these coils can become surrounded by bacteria, grim, and debris that can cause the hot air to be trapped. Dirty coils can cause warmer than wanted air in your home and will eventually over work the unit, causing it to shut down.

If you have dirty coils and that is the reason your AC isn’t working, clean the coils and the outdoor compressor. Call your local HVAC company to have your coils and compressor cleaned.

#2 Leaks in Your Ductwork

Ductwork Leaks | Fritts Heat and Air

Did you know.. 20-30% of all home’s cool air is lost due to faulty ductwork?

The inner workings of your vents and channels need to be properly sealed and maintained to ensure that the cold air the unit produces actually reaches the rooms in your home. Overtime, the leaky ductwork will use up your AC unit’s freon and motor much quicker than it should, causing your unit to fail. If your AC is not working because of leaks in your ductwork, call your local HVAC company to get your ductwork properly sealed.

#3 Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant Leak | Fritts Heat and Air

Refrigerant in an AC unit is like the oil to your car’s engine. When the refrigerant is low, the unit cannot produce cool air for your home. This is likely due to a leak in your AC unit and needs immediate attention.

#4 Your Thermostat is Broken

Thermostat Broken | Fritts Heat and Air

Thermostats have a shelf life just like anything else. They are the brains to your AC unit! Thermostats tell the unit when to turn on/off, plus they recognize the temperature in your home for optimal cooling patterns. These little machines can die off, and replacing an old thermostat is never a bad idea. Always check the batteries first, as this is a sign of faulty AC function in your home.

#5 The Age of Your AC Unit

replace your HVAC | Fritts Heating & Air

AC Units have a typical life-span of 10-15 years. Even less if you live in very warm climates and a large home. If you are experiencing erratic behavior from your AC unit on a regular basis, and have done a thorough check of the items listed above, it is probably time for a new unit.

Is Your AC Not Working?

If your AC is not blowing out cold air and you have assessed the above problems, you may need to call a local HVAC contractor. Check out our blog for tips on how to choose an HVAC contractor.

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