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Common Issues For Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC systems are very reliable in performance. However, with that being said, there are several common issues that can halt an HVAC system from performing efficiently. A commercial system does more than just keep temperatures at a consistent level. It creates a comfortable, productive workspace for your tenants or employees. If it’s not working correctly, this can cause bigger issues and lead to more expensive repairs. Here are some of the most common issues owners see in their commercial HVAC systems.

Poor Air Quality & Air Flow

Air quality and airflow can be affected by many different things. If the ventilation system has leaks or cracks, it’s pushing air to places it shouldn’t be going. That means it isn’t properly heating and cooling the spaces evenly throughout your building. When you fix the leaks and repair the ventilation system, you’ll have more evenly conditioned airflow.

Unwanted Noises

If your commercial HVAC system is making odd noises, it may be time to contact Fritts Heating & Air. There may be a issues with the fan motor or a loose belt. The only way to find out what’s causing that noise is to have one of our trained technicians investigate and fix the problems before they grow into something bigger.

Condenser, Damper & Economizer Issues

If your HVAC system seems to be running inconsistently, it may need minor repairs. Your evaporator and condenser coils may need cleaning, or your dampers may not be operating properly. If the dampers or economizers aren’t operating properly, they can get stuck in a certain position, which can either prevent the unit from utilizing outside air to cool the interior or overloading the cooling coil with an excess of hot outside air.

Clogged Drain Line

The drain line routes excess water and condensation away from the HVAC unit. Over time, the drain line can accumulate dirt and algae, and become clogged. On a roof top unit when this happens, water backs up into the drain pan, causing it to leak out and cause water damage. If the business has a split system, this can be resolved with a safety switch in the drain pan. This can be prevented by regular maintenance and checks to your commercial system.

Blown Fuses

Fuses work by protecting sensitive electrical components from overheating and can be found on the control board inside the component compartment. When your HVAC unit shuts off unexpectedly, the circuit breaker is the first place you should look for any issues.

Burned Capacitors

There are two capacitors in an HVAC unit. If either of the capacitors burns out, the unit will not start or run properly and will need to be replaced.

Lack of Maintenance

Finally, HVAC systems require regular maintenance. Maintenance contracts can prevent costly repairs, by detecting small problems before they become big problems. Many HVAC issues stem from negligence and can be prevented with routine maintenance inspections. Set up your regular maintenance calls with us today!

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