Earth Marked Its Hottest Day Ever On July 6th

On Thursday, July 6th, planet Earth reached a record-setting temperature. Averaged across the whole planet, and all 24 hours, the surface temperature was roughly 63° Fahrenheit, according to the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute. They compile and assess data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A temperature reading in the low 60s might not sound too bad. But, keep in mind that includes nighttime, Arctic and ocean surface temperatures. Also it is winter in the southern hemisphere. So 63° Fahrenheit is hot. So what does that mean?

With higher heatwaves come higher HVAC bills. The hotter the temperature outside the more your air conditioning will have to work to cool your home or business down. Don’t let your system break down from overworking itself. Here, Fritts Heating & Air discusses air conditioning tips to minimize your bills and keep you cool during this hot Summer.

Using A/C During The Summer

When it comes to cooling down your home during the Summer, customers need to have a good understanding of their system and how to properly use the A/C unit. Not only will this help keep your bill under control and avoid unnecessary expenses, but it will also minimize possible unit issues and damage.

So, what’s the best way to use your air conditioner during these scorching summer days?

  • Clean Your A/C Unit – Make sure to have your air conditioning filters cleaned or changed periodically to avoid increases in your bill.
  • Inspection – Have the professionals at Fritts Heating & Air come inspect your units bi-annually. This will maximize the efficiency of your system and minimize potential system failures.
  • Smart Thermostat – A smart thermostat will allow you to control your indoor temperature better even if you’re not home. A smart thermostat is a great way to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Set your AC to the right temperature – Trying to cool your home down to an extremely low temperature while it’s scorching hot outside will put too much pressure on your AC. Instead, find out what the most comfortable temperature for you is and set your thermostat as high as possible.

A Common Mistake

Indoor temperature fluctuations are one of the causes of increased electricity bills and potential air conditioning damage. Some homeowners think that they should turn off or greatly setback their thermostats while they are not home. However, during the hottest month, this will consume a lot of energy and may even result in possible damage. You should set your thermostat a few degrees higher temperature while you’re away and let your A/C run. This will save you more money than just turning your thermostat off or leaving your AC on without any setback.

Need Air Conditioning Repair?

If you’re faced with a sudden air conditioning breakdown, there’s no better choice than Fritts Heat & Air. We put your comfort at the top of the list, never leaving you waiting or without a resolution. We’ll put our experience to work for you, tackling each job with deep knowledge and up-to-date training in HVAC systems. When it comes to cooling comfort, you can get everything you need when you install an efficient air conditioner. Give us a call today for more information.