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How To Avoid Inconsistent Room Temperatures

Long gone are the days of a piped furnace oven heating your entire home from one stationary area. Central heat and air have become the norm in keeping your home cool or warm while efficiently channeling air throughout ductwork that reaches all the rooms in your house. But often times we find that some rooms are getting more warm air than others. These inconsistent room temperatures can be caused by many issues and can make for a very uncomfortable setting, as well as raising your heating and cooling bill with wasted escaped air.

If you wondering why it is colder in one room more than another or why a room is hotter than the rest of the house, then inconsistent room-to-room temperatures are the problem. If your house is not heating evenly, follow these steps to ensure all of your rooms are getting evenly distributed air this winter.

#1 Old or Damaged Ductwork

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Ductwork are the veins that pipe your cool or hot air throughout your home. They are usually located in the attic or if you have multiple levels in your home, in between each floor. Ductwork is made up of aluminum piping that snakes together to form channels for your air. Each room’s vent is connected to one of these channels and when the channel is damaged, airflow will escape before it reaches the intended room.

The Fix: Check your ductwork for holes, rips, rusted out spots, and disconnections. Use metal ductwork tape or new ductwork sections to repair and seal all areas where air can escape.

#2 Insufficient Insulation

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Like ductwork, insulation is located in the spaces between floors and in your attic and basement to keep warm air in and the cold air out. Insulation is made up of fiberglass, cellulose, and mineral wool. Overtime, these materials will breakdown and fall apart. If water or wildlife have heated your insulation, they can also cause irreparable damage and Inconsistent Room Temperatures.

The Fix: Check your attic and basement for any old, rotted, torn, or missing insulation. New insulation comes in rolled sheets and can be purchased at any home improvement store. (Be sure to wear gloves and protective eyewear when dealing with any insulation project.)

#3 Lack of Weather Treatment in Room

Weather Stripping Windows to Avoid Inconsistent Heating | Inconsistent Room Temperatures | Fritts Heat and Air

Some rooms in your home have more windows and doors than others. Some rooms are more external than others, using walls directly touching the outside as their barrier. These rooms need to be treated with protective weather treatments that aim to keep warm air from escaping and the cold out.

The Fix: Use weather stripping around window frames, seals, and doors. Place weather bumpers at the foot of doors that lead to the outside. Use curtains in colder rooms to keep heat in during the night and freezing temperature days.

#4 Not Enough Fire Power

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The bigger the home, the more rooms you will have. A thermostat is best served in the room in which it resides, so the rooms further away will have the least interaction and most inconsistent airflow in the house. Moreover, multi-level homes are affected by the rising of heat to the highest level of the home. If your home has many rooms and a lot of space, one thermostat and one HVAC unit will probably not be enough to keep the entire home comfortable.

The Fix: Install a zoning system in your home with multiple thermostats throughout the house. It’s also important to invest in a second or third HVAC system to help push air through all ductwork properly.

Dealing with your home’s heating and air systems can be an arduous, disruptive, and frustrating task. The best plan of attack is to always hire a professionally trained HVAC technician to inspect, repair, and service your home.

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