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HVAC Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Business For Fall

Fall is right around the corner, believe it or not, and now is the perfect time to prepare your heating system for the upcoming cold weather. Fall isn’t only about preparing for holidays and football season, but also about your commercial HVAC system. It may be hard to fathom the significance of having heat in your business right now since it is still so warm outside, but we know especially in the south – weather shifts quickly. Stay ahead of the shift by ensuring your business has proper HVAC service to stay content this fall. This will help you achieve optimum efficiency and performance throughout the fall and also winter seasons.

Today, Fritts Heating & Air will share with you some tips regarding fall HVAC maintenance and your commercial HVAC service! We have a great deal of experience and are excited to provide our services to you this fall.

Why is HVAC Maintenance Important?

The importance of having commercial HVAC maintenance plans, in general, is to help facility managers extend the life of their building equipment and reduce operating costs. Who doesn’t love to save money? It is a great way to catch any failures before they occur, especially before they become costly and emergent. An HVAC error is unfortunately bound to happen, however, scheduled preventative maintenance as we can provide can help prevent times of emergencies.
Another reason fall maintenance is extremely important is that it can help extend the lifespan of your facilities and pieces of equipment. If a piece of equipment had dirty coils and clogged moving parts, as discussed in more detail here, it would be completely ineffective. After all, the coils in your air conditioning system are the most important part of the unit. If you leave them too long without cleaning, they have the potential to create more issues. It is always best to better prepare by cleaning important parts of your system.

Now that we have discussed the importance of HVAC service, we can dig deeper into tips for fall maintenance specifically.

  1. Check The Air Filters – This is a great place to start because it could easily be overlooked by yourself and co-workers at your business. However, it is extremely essential that the filters are clean to efficiently run your commercial HVAC. Having dirty or clogged filters can prevent your units from effectively heating the space, cause components to malfunction, decrease the lifespan and also worsen the quality of air. With the number of changes, a new season brings, make sure you don’t forget to change or check your air filters!
  2. Carefully Look For Leaks – One important part of fall maintenance, and essentially any maintenance, is to check for leaks. Parts of the HVAC system that are key to search are ductwork, doors and windows that are wasting an excessive amount of energy, therefore, preventing your HVAC system from doing its best. One thing that can help with this is caulk. Call us and we will send out our HVAC technicians to inspect all of your ductwork for leaks and ensure that it is all correct sealed. We want to do our part to help you stay warm this fall at work.
  1. Upgrade Your Unit – There are many reasons why fall is the best time to replace your HVAC system if needed:
  • Fall is a slower season, therefore giving more time to consider options and carefully consider the best one for your commercial site. This also allows us to schedule convenient system installation appointments.
  • Moderate temperatures. The temperature in fall is a little more moderate, so you would be content during the installation process instead of the summer. If your system were to break down in any other season, it might be difficult to feel comfortable in the office until it is able to be repaired. Take for example November, if your system broke down in November it would be chilly inside until repair. That is why it is best to complete this process through the fall with great temperatures.
  • Enjoy energy efficiency through the rest of the year. If your old system is overworking to cool or heat your space, getting an HVAC service will save energy. This will be a great benefit to you and your business by saving money at the end of the year.

Schedule professional maintenance or upgrade today!

The most effective way to prepare your commercial HVAC service is to schedule Fritts Heating & Air today. We will thoroughly inspect your space and make the required adjustments for you. Fall maintenance is extremely important due to the ideal temperature, cost efficiency and overall quality of air. At Fritts Heating & Air, we’re not comfortable until you are, including your workplace. That means keeping you cool during the summer and fall months and providing you with professional repair services when you need us. We repair all brands of residential and commercial heating systems.

Let us keep your home or business cool with our expert cooling system repair services. When you first notice that your air conditioning is not working or keeping your home or business cool appropriately, it’s best to call the A/C repair experts at Fritts Heating & Air. Make sure you prepare for the upcoming season with the tips on fall maintenance we have shared today! Our highly trained HVAC technicians will inspect, service, and repair your cooling unit. We offer our customers more than two decades of experience within the HVAC industry, and we also have HVAC financing options available.