Is Your Furnace Ready For The Cooler Months?

As Fall weather starts to roll in, it brings with it cooler weather. Is your furnace ready for that cool weather? The best time to prepare is now before you absolutely need it. That way you can prevent having a costly breakdown on a frigidly cold night. Here, Fritts Heating & Air discusses furnaces and tips to prepare your system for those cooler months ahead. Be sure to read all the tips below and don’t forget to plan your furnace maintenance with a trusted local HVAC company near you.

Preparing Your Furnace For The Cooler Months

Test Your Furnace Before Winter Starts

One of the most important things to do is to test your furnace before the temperature drops significantly. Yes, even if it’s low 70 degrees still. Right now is the time to make sure your furnace is running and heating properly, because if it’s not, you’ll have enough time to get it checked out or fixed if needed. Simply switch your thermostat from cool to heat. Next, set the temperature to the desired heat setting. Your furnace should turn on and begin to heat up your home or business.

Check for Unusual Noises

Once you’ve switched your thermostat to heat as mentioned above, listen for any weird noises. Loud noises such as banging, squeaking, or scraping are clear signs of a problem. Bad airflow or a loose or broken motor could be the problem. Do not let these noises go unfixed. A broken or loose motor can lead to costly repairs and fixes. If you hear unusual noises, be sure to schedule a furnace maintenance service ASAP.

Install New Filter

Regularly changing your furnace filter is very important to not only the health of your HVAC system, but it provides clean air for your home and prevents you from breathing in harmful pollutants. Consult with your HVAC specialist to make sure to have the right size filters and know how to change them without doing any damage to your system.

Check The Vents

When you first start your furnace for the first time this season, it is recommended to double-check all the vents. Make sure they are uncovered, and open and nothing is blocking airflow from coming out. Floor vents can easily get covered by furniture, or rugs are accidentally closed or blocked by children.

Check your thermostat

Older thermostats can sometimes read the wrong temperature or keep your furnace running. This can overwork your system and be inefficient. Test it to ensure that it’s working correctly, and consider upgrading to a smart thermostat to improve your overall efficiency.

Check & Clean the Outdoor Unit

When the outdoor unit becomes damaged, covered, or impacted by dirt and debris, the performance can suffer. It’s important to ensure that the fan and grate are clean and free of all debris. If you are cleaning the unit yourself be sure to turn off the electricity to your system first. If you notice that the fan has been dented or damaged, contact Fritts Heating & Air immediately to inspect and repair the fan and unit.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Scheduling a routine clean and check on your furnace, at least once a year, will increase the life of your HVAC system, minimize the cost of repairs, and ensure your equipment is running properly and efficiently. Be sure to call us today to schedule your tune-up ASAP.


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