Is Your HVAC System Making Your Allergies Worse?

As we get further into Spring and pollen still is an issue, you may be facing worse allergies than normal. This could be caused by your HVAC system. Living in a home with an unclean air filter could potentially cause harm to you and your family long-term. Some issues you may deal with are accelerated aging of the lungs, decreased lung function and others. Other sorts of diseases are directly linked to uncleanliness in your HVAC system. What are the reasons why this could happen? Here, Fritts Heating & Air discuss ways your HVAC system can make your allergies worse. 

Air Filter

As one of the most under-appreciated aspects of your HVAC system, the air filter plays an important role. Not only does it filter dust particles and pollen that would circulate throughout your home, it blocks out any chance of pieces of insulation getting through. Both of these components could cause harmful effects. Pollen being circulated through your home would quickly cause your allergies to become worse. When your air filter is dirty, it is working harder to push out air. This leads to using more energy, meaning higher power bills. There are many reasons why it’s so important to frequently change your air filter. It is recommended to change it every month or two, depending on if you have pets or live in a high-pollen area. It’s an easy process to go through of choosing the right filter and removing the old and sliding on the new filter. 


It may be the case that you have mold in your HVAC system. This is common in places of high humidity and moisture. Places like the drip pan, condensate drain line, evaporator coil and the air ducts.

Drip Pan: Air conditioners and high-efficiency furnaces draw moisture from your indoor air. That moisture becomes condensation and then collects into the drip pan. A dirty, neglected drain pan combined with water is sure to grow into mold over time. The condensate drain line is a pipe that allows water to exit the drip pan, and lead outside. Without this line being flushed at least once a year, build-up of sludge could occur inside and also lead to mold growth.

The evaporator coil is part of your indoor air conditioning unit, this takes away heat and moisture from your indoor air and without maintenance to this, it can accumulate lots of dust – with the potential of growing mold. If your air ducts are old, or unsealed, there is probably moisture getting in through the gaps. Mold can grow in various places along with your air system, but it’s important to do your best at preventing it. The type of mold that typically grows in HVAC systems is called Mucor. It is a white/gray type color and is commonly found around humidity; it can aggravate existing asthma or even cause it. 

Pollen Circulation 

According to the Berkley Lab, allergens are particles from plants that make it into the air as part of the pollination process. These particles can float in the air and make their way into our nasal passages, leading to sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and other allergic reactions. Pollen will make its way into your home without you even realizing it until these reactions occur. One way to solve this leads back to routinely changing your air filter, and also adding extra air purifiers. We can help with this process! If you’re having pollen issues in your home, we would love to assist you however we can. 

Carbon Monoxide 

Exposure to carbon monoxide in your home can lead to similar allergic reactions. Lingering low levels of carbon monoxide can lead to dizziness and weakness over time. Another danger of carbon monoxide is the gas being spread throughout your HVAC system. The danger heightens when your HVAC system has a build-up of dust and sucks up the gas, further dispersing it throughout your home. The solution to this issue is calling for a maintenance check! This can save your HVAC system, and more importantly you and your family by preventing any future harm. 

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