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Make The Switch To A Smart Thermostat In Your Home

It is time for you to upgrade to a smart home thermostat in your home. We live in a digital world now with more convenience and instant automation than we have ever seen before. From smart bulbs to self-driving cars, everything is becoming smarter and easier to use. Smart thermostats are no exception, and with the time spent in our homes, why not have a little virtual assistant to help keep your temperatures at their most comfortable while keeping your system running efficiently and saving money along the way?

Benefits of a smart thermostat

#1 The Ability To Learn

Smart thermostats not only make it easier for you to regulate your home’s temperatures, but they also possess a learning brain that overtime will begin to self-program to the most optimal settings using your behaviors and your home’s makeup and structure.

#2 Cuts Down Utility Costs

Smart thermostats can be set to the most specific programs and efficiency patterns. When you are away from your home, your thermostat will lower or raise the setting depending on the season and automatically revert to your “at home” settings before you even return.  These optimized settings will help you save on your heating and cooling costs, year-round.

#3 Access From Anywhere

Smart thermostats work in conjunction with mobile apps on your smartphone. This allows you to alter the temperature, run or shut off your system, change settings or programs, and view analytics from anywhere in the world.

#4 Earn Rebates From Your Power Company

Most power companies now offer rebates and incentives to own a smart thermostat in your home.

#5 Lessens The Load On Your HVAC System

By having a programmable brain run the temperature of your home, your HVAC system will not have to burden the load in the dead of summer and winter, keeping it running more smoothly while saving on expensive repairs and replacements.

#6 Environmentally Friendly

Energy consciousness goes a long way. By using a smart thermostat, you are not only helping the microcosm of your home but playing a part in the bigger environmental efforts for our planet.

Fritts Heating & Air has the expert knowledge and experience with all brands and models of smart thermostats, from Nest, Ecobeee, Honeywell, and more. Installing your thermostat should always be handled by a professional technician and Fritts is here to help.

Smart Thermostat Installation in Atlanta, GA

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