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Prevent Air Conditioning Repair With Routine Spring Maintenance

Living in the south, nothing is more important than making sure your air conditioning is properly running heading into the warm spring and summer months. Regular seasonal maintenances should be done twice a year in the fall and spring before the demands of heating and air overwhelm your system. In doing this, you will have peace of mind knowing your system is operating at its best, which will ultimately save you money and increase the lifespan of your system in the long run. Spring HVAC maintenance is the first step in ensuring cost-efficient and comfortable air conditioning for summer. Fritts Heating & Air has a trained team of technicians who will come and service your HVAC for the spring and summer months today.

Benefits of Spring HVAC Maintenance

With spring, comes pollen, dust and allergens galore. Keeping all of this out of your home and the air you breathe requires an HVAC professional to inspect and service your cooling system for loose fittings, leaks, dirty filters, and many other problems. Your air filter is the wall of defense between your HVAC and the outside air that enters. Air filters need to be changed once a month to maintain a clean and efficient running system. Some air filters are easy to access, and some are very difficult to find and change. Fritts will handle the replacement or cleaning of your air filter depending on your HVAC type.

A regularly serviced HVAC unit can potentially double the lifespan of your system and, in turn, save you money. It also helps prevent the need for repairs and improves the system’s overall efficiency, which will lower your energy bill.

In addition to replacing your air filter, some other important items to check off your spring HVAC maintenance list include:

– Duct cleaning
– Duct sealing
– HVAC unit cleaning (indoor/outdoor)
– Upgrading to a smart thermostat

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Ignoring your spring and fall HVAC maintenances could lead to poor air quality in your home as well as more frequent and costly repairs to your heating and cooling system. Don’t put off having your system serviced this spring! Fritts Heating & Air has been providing superior HVAC services since 2008. Our mission is to always provide every client with quality HVAC services while displaying our dedication to excellent customer service. Contact us online or call us today to get a spring HVAC maintenance done on your home.