Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

With the cold weather blowing during the winter months, people turn to their furnaces to keep them warm. But what happens if you crank up your system and you only feel cold air. There are several reasons why your heater might be acting up and not working properly. Here Fritts Heat & Air details a few common issues for your furnace blowing cold air and when to call a professional for service.

Thermostat Issues

First things first, check your thermostat and look at the fan settings. If the switch is set to ‘ON’ this means that your fan is running continuously. Switch the thermostat to ‘AUTO’ and this will allow the fan to only blow when the furnace is heating the air. Your furnace should only run the fan during a heating cycle and not push cold air through your vents in between.

Since your thermostat communicates with the furnace, if it isn’t working properly, your furnace might blow cold air because it isn’t receiving the right instructions. Replacing your old thermostat ensures accurate communication with your furnace to stop cold air issues. Have your thermostat replaced by your HVAC technician, and consider upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat for better control.

Check The Furnace Pilot Light

If your pilot light goes out, the furnace will blow cold air because combustion of fuel is not taking place. The pilot light needs to be relit to burn fuel and heat your home.

  • Turn off the furnace power.
  • Turn the reset switch to OFF.
  • Allow adequate time for gas to clear the open area.
  • Turn the reset switch to PILOT.
  • Use a lighter or match to light outgoing gas.
  • Once the pilot is lit, turn the switch to ON.
  • Restore power to the furnace.

If you are unable to relight the pilot or it keeps going out, call Fritts Heat & Air for service.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters are a very common issue for furnaces blowing cold air. This is because they limit airflow. Restricted airflow can cause your furnace to run longer which in turn can cause your system to overheat. When your system overheats, you will only feel cold air. The solution is to replace your dirty air filter with a clean one. Once airflow to the furnace is no longer blocked, your heater will be less likely to overheat and should function properly.

Dirty Sensor

If you have a dirty flame sensor, your gas burner won’t stay lit. This causes cold air after the furnace turns on. Even though it sounds like an easy fix, don’t attempt to clean it yourself. The cleaning process involves opening up the gas burner and accessing that flame sensor; trying to take these areas apart yourself could result in severe damage to your unit.

Forgot To Pay The Bill

Another reason you may only be feeling cold air is that you forgot to pay the bill. Or perhaps there is a problem with the gas line. These issues could cause the utilities to disconnect from your system, which will result in cool air coming through the vents. Call the gas company to make sure your account is up to date and paid. The gas company also may send out a technician to make sure the connection to your home is working properly.

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