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Why You Need A Smart Thermostat For Your Business

Running a brick and mortar business is hard work. Budgeting costs, safety, security, overhead, and customer retention are always at top of mind. Saving anywhere you can is always helpful, and installing a smart thermostat for your business is one of the easiest ways to do just that. Fritts Heating & Air has trained service techs to professionally install and setup any smart thermostat for your office, shop, or store.

Benefits of a smart thermostat for your place of business

#1 Utility Cost Reduction

Smart thermostats are completely programmable and learn overtime from their surroundings, people’s habits, and environment. Most businesses are only open in the daytime and once 5pm rolls around, they become vacant. A smart thermostat can be set to lower or raise the desired temperature depending on the season. This leaves your unoccupied space set to a much more cost-efficient temperature and night after night, will lower your electric or gas bills.

#2 Control Your Thermostat From Anywhere

One of the most exciting features of a smart thermostat is its ability to connect and operate from a mobile app on your smart device. You can set programs, set schedules, regulate temperature, and receive updates and maintenance reminders all from your smartphone or tablet. With your smart thermostat, you will never have to worry about the temperature settings in your office or business when you are not there.

#3 Maintenance Reminders

With your smart thermostat, you never have to worry about filter changes, HVAC checkups, scheduled maintenance appointments, or even equipment errors. Your smart thermostat monitors all of the important maintenance requirements for your HVAC system and sends alerts straight to your smartphone.

#4 Maximize Comfort

Whether you run a shop or restaurant with customers or an office with employees, comfort is always a priority for all that visit your business. With a smart thermostat, the temperature in your place of business is constantly being regulated and learned to maximize comfort and adapt to the influx of people in the area.

#5 Multiple Zones Controlled Together

If your workspace or business is larger you most likely have multiple HVAC units and zones that need to be controlled. With smart thermostats, all the zones and wall units link up to your mobile app and work seamlessly together. This allows for separate yet efficient temperatures set for all the different work areas in your building.

Smart thermostat installation and setup in Atlanta, Ga

Fritts Heating & Air can take care of all your smart thermostat needs. Starting with a trained and professional technician, we will install, set up, and guide you through the smart thermostat process. Smart thermostats learn the behaviors of your HVAC and furnace systems and adjust to perform at optimal production saving you unnecessary utility costs and HVAC maintenance. Call us at 678-327-3897 or contact us online today to get started with your smart thermostat for your business.