Summer Is Ending, Time For A/C Repair

As the summer months come to an end, people are starting to see the cooler weather and rain show up. With that being said, people are starting to think about switching their systems over to heat. Perfect time for a/c repair. You’ve probably been using your air conditioner all summer and the last thing you need now is a sudden breakdown. The good news is that most a/c repairs show symptoms well before they force your system to shut down. So if you notice or hear anything, it’s a good idea to call your local HVAC service provider. Preventative maintenance is key to a properly working HVAC system. Remember, a faulty air conditioner should only ever be inspected and repaired by trained and experienced professionals like Fritts Heating & Air. This is because they have potentially dangerous components such as refrigerants. Learn more from Fritts Heating & Air about some of the sure tale signs that might arise late summer, early fall.

HVAC Springtime Checklist | Fritts Heating & Air

Signs You May Need A/C Repair

  • Reduced Airflow – When cool air isn’t moving through your vents like normal that’s a sure sign to get your system checked out. Typically this means that air is trapped somewhere within your system, which can cause the coils to freeze. Alternatively, it means that you have ductwork damage and air is escaping into unwanted spaces. Reduced airflow is not only a symptom of a problem, but it’s a problem on its own as it won’t be able to keep your home at the desired temperature.
  • Low Cooling Power – Does your air seem warmer than desired? Factors such as refrigerant leaks, overheating components, or ductwork can all contribute to an unwanted air temperature. Reduced cooling is similar to reduced airflow in that it’s both a symptom of a problem and a problem in itself. It will ultimately cause your air conditioner to work harder than it should have to in order to keep you comfortable.
  • Short-Cycling -This is when an air conditioning system turns on and off rapidly without ever running for very long. Your air conditioner uses more energy turning on and off than it does simply running, so you want yours to run for at least 15 minutes at a time. Otherwise, it’s usually a sign of something seriously wrong.
  • Unfamiliar Sounds – Do you hear unfamiliar sounds coming from your HVAC unit? These sounds might include humming, moaning, buzzing, clanging, or hissing. If you notice any of these sounds, the best thing you can do for your cooling system is call in an HVAC repair pro right away.

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If you’re faced with a sudden air conditioning breakdown, there’s no better choice than Fritts Heat & Air for A/C repair. We put your comfort at the top of the list, never leaving you waiting or without a resolution. We’ll put our experience to work for you, tackling each job with deep knowledge and up-to-date training in HVAC systems. You don’t have to choose between affordability, durability, and optimum cooling comfort, you can get all three when you install an air conditioner— plus what we believe to be the best warranty protection in the heating and cooling industry. Learn more about our air conditioning systems HERE. For more information, call our office today at (678)-855-8545.