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Choosing The Right HVAC Air Filter For Your Home

HVAC air filters are the first line of defense for the air quality in your home. Choosing which air filter suits you and your family’s needs is an important step in obtaining healthy air to breathe and for keeping harmful air pollutants out of your home and lungs. Unfortunately, HVAC air filters come in huge varieties and sizes and installing the wrong one can negatively affect your HVAC and furnace system as well as your overall health and well being.

Each home HVAC & Furnace unit has a specific size specification for the air filter it uses. Moreover, manufacturers of air filters have created many variations for the number of allergens and air pollutants that each filter is able to block out. Choosing which one works for your home and family takes a bit of time and research.

HVAC Air filter Info:

#1 Size

Your air filter must be properly sized for your specific HVAC/Furnace unit. Knowing the dimensions needed is the first step in installing and replacing your air filter correctly. The size of your air filter can be found on the air filter itself. Markdown your unit’s size so you will have it handy for ordering or picking up in a store. Your HVAC/Furnace unit will also have the filter size in the manual and marked on the unit itself.

#2 Type

HVAC air filters come in many configurations depending on the amount of protection you are looking for. The simplest and most affordable filters are Fiber Glass filters. They have little air pollutant and allergy protection but give less strain on your system and are very easy on the wallet. The next step up is pleated air filters. They over better protection from dust and the more pleats the better blockage you will receive. Washable air filters cost more upfront but never have to be replaced. Instead, the surface of the filter is sprayed down with water and can be used effectively for long periods of time. HEPA filters are the best for people prone to allergies. If your home houses a pet, a HEPA filter is the way to go. These filters can block up to 99.97% of airborne contaminants.

#3 When To Replace

The frequency in which you replace your home air filter depends on many factors. How many people are occupying the home? The number of pets you have. If you live in an urban setting or a more rural one. But a good scope of time is as follows:

  • Vacation home- every 6 -12 months
  • Average home- every 90 days
  • Home with pets- every 60 days
  • Home with allergy prone occupants- every 20-45 days

You spend a lot of time in your home. The air quality is that you, your family, and your pet’s intake is a crucial aspect to your health and happiness and the function and preserving of your heating and air system. Fritts Heating & Air have the trained and experienced professionals to service and maintain your home’s heating and air while keeping the cleanest air possible for your family.

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