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5 Common Problems With Your AC In Summer

Summer in Atlanta gets hot. Really, really hot. And problems with your AC can spring up anytime without warning. Getting familiar with your HVAC unit and its components can help prevent these summertime issues from popping up and making your home or workplace an extremely unpleasant place to be. Leaving your AC unmonitored when these problems arise can lead to costly repairs and even the need for a new HVAC unit altogether.

Here are 5 common AC problems to look for if your HVAC is not functioning properly in the summer:

#1 Clogged Filters

Your HVAC has a filter system that allows particles, dust, dander, and airborne bacteria to be stopped before circulating throughout your ductwork and vents. These filters are meant to be changed every 3 months and even sooner if your home inhabits pets or smokers. Once your filter has reached its max capacity for blockage, it is no longer useful for the AC system. A clogged or dirty filter will begin to impede airflow, the temperature of the air, and can also lead to heavy damage on your fan, and the cooling system’s components.

#2 Refrigerant Leak

Your HVAC system uses refrigerant liquid to swallow up hot air from your home and expel it to the outside. The most common issue with low refrigerant is due to a leaky system. Refrigerant is expensive and if you are finding that your AC needs constant refilling, then it very probable that you have a leak in the refrigerant housing unit.

#3 HVAC Fan Issues

The housing unit that contains your fan is usually located on the outside of your home. On commercial buildings, these units can also be found on the roof. Over time, nature can take a toll on your fan and making sure it is functioning correctly is a large part of your AC unit’s success. Check for debris, damaged or bent blades, and plants or objects leaning up against the HVAC unit. A good rule of thumb is to have a one-foot clear perimeter on all sides of your AC fan.

#4 AC Is Running, But Not Cooling

If your AC seems to be running and blowing air but the air is not cool, you most likely have an issue with the connection of your thermostat and your system. This can be from an electrical separation in wiring, and bad connection to the outside fan, and most commonly, dead batteries in your thermostat itself. Check the health of the thermostat’s batteries and if the problem persists, a professional technician will be needed to evaluate further.

#5 Short Cycling

If your AC is shutting itself off and on again abruptly, short cycling is occurring. This is a big warning sign that something is wrong within the system and ignoring it can lead to permanent damage and high costs in repairs or replacements. Short cycling can be caused by a simple dirty air filter up to a complicated issue with the motor, fan, coolant, or electrical wiring.

If you are experiencing any of these or any other issues with your AC system in the summertime, calling a trained professional HVAC service is the best way to prevent further damage and get your home or property running smoothly and filled with cool comfortable air. Fritts Heating & Air has the expert technicians, skillset, know-how and over 20 years of HVAC service to help with any problem you are faced with.

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