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Fall Is The Perfect Time For A Furnace Check-Up

The fall all season is finally here. The leaves are begging to change. Pumpkins are appearing all around our neighborhoods. And the hot weather has finally subsided. But your heating system has been dormant for many months now and it needs a thorough furnace check-up before you begin to use it to warm your home. Having a yearly scheduled furnace maintenance appointment will benefit your heating system and the comfort of your home in many ways for the upcoming winter months.

Why you should have your furnace serviced before running it in fall

#1 Dust Off The Cobwebs

Your furnace has been sitting idle for as many as 6 months during the spring and summer months in Atlanta. The inner workings of your heating system need to be inspected and tuned-up before it turns on and begins to create heat for your home.

#2 Save Money

A furnace check-up will ensure that all of your system’s parts are functioning properly. Having parts break and falter during the cold weather months will lead to costly repairs that could have been avoiding.

#3 Run More Efficiently

Furnace check-ups also help regulate the efficiency of your heating unit and maintain a cost-efficient run schedule. Having a yearly furnace check-up can increase your system’s efficiency by 25%.

#4 Cut Down Utility Costs

Furnaces need scheduled maintenance to avoid build-up and added wear & tear. The more build-up your heating system has, the harder it has to work. When the temperatures drop, an unserviced furnace will make your heating bills increase costing you extra money.

#5 Safety & Comfort

Most important to a well-oiled heating system is, of course, the safety and comfort of your family. Your home is your fortress, and keeping everyone inside safe from harm is your number one priority. Furnaces that have to run without proper maintenance are prone to crash when the weather drops, leaving a potentially scary situation of a home with no heat. This can lead to harm for your family, pets, and the structure and components of your house.

Expert Furnace Check-Up And Repair In Atlanta, GA

At Fritts Heat & Air, we’re not comfortable until you are. That means keeping you warm during the winter months and providing you with prompt and professional heating system repair services when you need us. We repair all brands of residential and commercial heating systems. Let us keep your home or business warm with our expert heating system repair services. Call us today at (678)-327-3897 or contact us online.