How To Improve Indoor Air Quality With HVAC Solutions

As the overall state of the nation’s air quality lowers due to wildfires and excess heat, people are wondering what exactly they can do to improve indoor air quality within their homes. Air quality improvement starts with keeping a close eye on the systems that are constantly running in your home. In this blog, we will be discussing a few ways to keep the air you breathe in your home crisp and clear.

Increase & Inspect to Improve Air Quality

Air Circulation – When you increase air circulation in your home you can address several indoor air quality issues like dust, polluted air, stuffiness, and uneven temperatures. Today, the most up-to-date thermostats either have a switch labeled “auto” or “on”. Both of these settings control the blower motor fan in your home HVAC. The blower motor is responsible for cycling air-conditioned air through your home. 

Keeping your fan set to “auto” is the most energy-efficient option because it only makes your fan run at certain times to cool your home. This is better for the system overall and leaves less room for wear and tear. The “on” setting keeps your motor running non-stop, but it does create a significantly better circulation for air. A good way to balance your motor is by monitoring the temperature inside as well as the one outside.

When you feel like the air is not being properly circulated in your home, then it is time to make a request for a licensed technician to come out and investigate.

HVAC Filters– If you do not change your HVAC system filter it can cause your indoor air quality to lower. This happens because of the reduction of airflow or by your HVAC system not being able to catch harmful particles. Your HVAC must be running properly in order to have clear and concise air quality. An HVAC filter removes dust, debris, and allergens from the air circulating throughout your home, so it’s important to regularly change it.

Depending on your filter type, you may need to change it every month or only once a month. If you want more information on the best filters for your home HVAC system check our other blog post on which air filters are best! 

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Schedule Regular Maintenance to Improve Indoor Air Quality 

Regular maintenance not only ensures that your HVAC system is operating safely, but helps to improve your indoor air quality. That is why it is vital to schedule check-ins for your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or anything else! During a check-in maintenance call, an HVAC technician will clean dust and debris from any vents or furnace cabinets while examining everything else to make sure it is in tip-top shape. 

Luckily, most furnaces don’t need intensive cleaning and this can vary depending on the state of your home. Common debris like pet hair, lint, and dust can collect on the inside of your blower fan. These pieces can cause your fan to clog or slow, slowing down the overall air circulation.

When you opt for an air conditioner or heat-pump check-in the HVAC technician should check the condition of your condenser, compressor, and evaporator coil. As air conditioners and heat pumps work to cool your home, they also work to remove moisture from the air inside your home. While both systems have drains for condensation, it is never a bad idea to monitor air conditioners and heat pumps for mold and bacteria buildup.

If you end up noticing abnormal or bad smells when your system is on–call your local technician immediately! This might mean that your system is circulating air pollutants like mold spores or bacteria. Continuing to breathe these extremities could prove harmful to the health of your family. 

Invest in Air Quality Products to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Although you may not need them, it is never a bad idea to invest in other ways to address indoor air quality issues. Many of these products work to increase the well-being of your air quality, making it easier for your HVAC to run. Here are a few helpful products:

Humidifiers– When the wintertime brings cold, dry air a humidifier is a great solution! Dry air makes it much harder for your system to heat your home. Essentially, there is nothing to grab onto. Dry air creates:

  • Itchy, flaky & dry skin
  • Static electricity
  • Higher chance of a bloody nose
  • Cracks or gaps in hardwood floors
  • Easily damaged woodwork, furniture or home structures

Humidifiers add water vapor and extra moisture into the air inside your home, preventing the negative effects of dry air. They also alleviate pressure on your furnace because moisture helps hold heat better. Humidifiers allow your heater to run less!

Dehumidifiers– Too much moisture can also be a problem for your home. A dehumidifier’s only job is to remove moisture from the air so that it allows your air conditioner or heat pump to focus on cooling the inside of your home. Removing humidity from the air will help you and your home feel cooler since heat can’t hold to dry air very well. Alongside this, here are some other benefits:

  • Prevents warped wood floors or wood furniture
  • Hinders spiders, silverfish, and dust mites
  • Protect your possessions from deteriorating
  • Creates an overall temperature regulation

Air Purifiers– When it feels like one or more members of your family are sick, you can count on an air purifier to help! They kill viruses and bacteria before they can spread throughout the air particles, making it a great investment if you or your family members are immunocompromised. 

An air purifier uses a fan that draws in air and pulls pollutants or particles out through a filter. The newly cleaned air then passes out another filter and back into the room. It’s best to find an air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that captures dust, pollen, and most mold spores.

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